Cranky, the bookbinderCranky says, "This is where we put news and seasonal information. "

PLEASE NOTE! Cranky is now retired and no longer rebinding books. If you have a book needing rebinding, please check the recommendation message on the Home page!



The deadline for having a book or bible rebound in time for Christmas is November 12. We may be able to extend that for a few more days, but we are getting into the "gray area" where we cannot promise it will be finished in time. 


If your books have been bound in English Morocco genuine leather in the past, please note that the English Morocco finish (a finely pebbled soft, dull finish) is no longer available. Our best genuine leather now has a smoother finish and American style leather grain markings. It is just as durable as English Morocco, and a lot easier to keep clean!


Blue Spanish grain buckram is no longer available. Brown, Maroon, and Green Spanish grain buckram is still being manufactured and is available. The closest color to blue Spanish is blue Sunbeam buckram. The shades are not quite the same, and Sunbeam has no embossed leather grain, but the differences are not highly obvious until viewed at close range.


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