We will follow the same path a book takes as it is being restored . . .



Badly damaged Family BibleHere's a family Bible in really bad shape. Believe it or not, this volume can be restored. It will be a tough job, but Cranky can do it! First he will take it completely apart. Torn pages will be mended and the family history sheets will be laminated in plastic to prevent damage and preserve any fading, hand-written records. New family history pages will be added for future record keeping and all of the pages will be resewn into a strong and sturdy book block with a brand new ribbon and headbands. The front and back covers will be cleaned and refinished, reinforced along the edges and corners, then attached to a brand new, strong genuine leather spine. Finally, the insides will meet the rebuilt outsides again when the pages are cased into the rebuilt cover.

Most books and Bibles are not quite so badly deteriorated when they come to Cranky. Making timely repairs before too much damage has occurred contributes significantly to the continued good appearance of the book and helps it achieve the maximum usable lifespan. Cranky has been known to mutter about how waiting until a book is in really bad condition, like this one,  means a lot more work for him and increases the cost of the restoration.

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